Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What have we become...!

When i was little, i used to hear a story from my grandma about how a king tests if the people of his kingdom are lazy. He does so by putting a stone in the path commonly used by many. He had put a sack of gold coins as a reward for the hardworking one. He waits by the road to see who wins the reward. And to his surprise, everyone take the route around it and go their way. Tired of waiting for finding the suitable, king himself steps forward and moves the rock away. Revealing the sack of gold and saying its fruit of his hardwork, he leaves.
While coming back home from office, i faced similar situation today. On the way there is a newly installed counterweight rod gate [word coined by me ;)]. Well, this 'newly' installed gate had malfunctioned. The rod literally bent at the base and had closed off the road. When i reached it, there was a guy trying to hold it up so that his car can pass through it. As soon as the rod reached a certain height, bikes and cars started hurling past the person holding gate, without even thinking of helping. Absolutely tired and helpless, that guy left the rod back to the original position. Traffic on both ends stopped still! He had to say 'stop' to make people going around him, realize that he is just a person holding a big long heavy rod.
Finally three of us shouted to everyone to rest their engines and moved the rod completely out of the way.
Just like the story above, what have we become!!! Don't we have a simple civil sense? There is a single person trying to carry the burden, and No one is helping? Everyone is just squeezing through!!! On top of it, some ********* driver from back in the queue was even honking! Just wanted to scream or break off the horn of that car!!!
No moral of the story...No learnt lesson...Just food for thought... Think about it while you drive past things like this...

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Putty said...

not just this, there are many incidents which makes me crazy. one of which is people driving. i many times slow down my bike to give way to people trying/struggling to cross the road. shameless people drive recklessly, honking, even shouting sometimes. i am not sure if this happens only in India! if so or not regardless of place, credit goes to all these great people with no humanity...!